Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thwaites history explorers.. Christopher and Denise

Two members of the extended Thwaites family have recently been travelling and sent photos of places with a Thwaites connection.

Christopher Thwaites (1949 < Donald < Francis < John) lives in Northern California, USA and has been travelling in Norway with wife Ruth, who has Norwegian ancestors.

Chris sent this photo posing by a sign for the Norwegian town of Tveit - the Norwegian (and original) form of our  name.

Denise Thwaites (1986 < Richard < Michael <Ernest < John) was travelling in England with her partner Baden and visited Topcliffe, Yorkshire, the home of George's family and birthplace of John.  She posed by the village sign, supported by a millstone.  George Thwaites was a grocer and farmer in Topcliffe around 1890. I like to think he might have owned this millstone, or one like it.

Elsewhere in Yorkshire, near Leeds, they found a place called Thwaites Brow and took this picture, proving our place in the landscape.


  1. Hi! I live in Thwaites brow and we're not that close to leeds really. Thwaites Brow is called this beacuse its on the brow of the hill above Thwaites village.

  2. Thanks Becca. Our family is scattered all over the world and none of us live near a place called Thwaites, so your information is very welcome. We rely on travellers' tales and helpful comments!

    I see on Google Maps that Thwaites is about 20 miles from Leeds, near Keighley and closer to Bradford. In Australia and America the distances are large, so we think of 20 miles as being quite close! You could walk there in a day.

    Please tell us anything interesting about Thwaites Brow and Thwaites village.